The Studio @ Wishing Spring Gallery

Painting by Steve HoranSince one of our priorities is to further art appreciation and education within the Club and the community as a whole, we offer classes in different types of media for various ages with all ranges of expertise. The Northwest Arkansas region is fortunate to be home to a multitude of talented artists/artisans from which to select our instructors; and occasionally, we offer classes by teachers from outside the area.

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Artists who teach

Besides our class offerings at The Studio, the Village Art Club of Bella Vista has talented teachers among its membership who provide instruction in their own studios: SEE THE LIST of members who teach.

Our Members Who Teach



Listed below are presently scheduled classes. To sign up for any of the classes below, you should contact the instructor of that class.

Scheduled Classes

Class Name: General Fine Arts- Elementary Students

Class Name: General Fine Arts- Elementary Students

Class Name: High School/Intermediate Fine Art

Class Name: GFA For Elementary Kids

Class Name: Adult Fine Art